Preserve Yourself Mind and Body From Chemicals

Genellz Spot by TrendiCreations Llc is an organic and herbal products e-market.  The company is founded by individuals who have been in business since 2018 and received a great response from the herbal market in a short time. The company value is to empower people towards practicing a healthy lifestyle with accessible organic products in the pocket range with absolutely no side effects.

Along with the well-being of our customers, the team is also conscious about the future of marginalized and underprivileged youth.  One of the primary values of our company is to continue raising money through our product's profits and donate the money to an organization for children's empowerment.  We want to save a life through as many means as possible.

Our Commitment

Stress and negativity can destroy you mentally as well as physically.  Often pharmaceutical companies sell drugs with addictive properties and side effects.  Genellz Spot is committed to selling health and mental well-being through our herbal products.

We have a compassionate team that is working day and night to create organic, chemical-free products, suitable for audiences ranging from the teenage years to old-age.

We also understand that everybody has an equal right to mental and physical health and through our product availability at the most affordable rates we make sure that this right is exercised as well.